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The Diary of a Bald Girl Blog.

The Diary of a Bald Girl Blog - Click Here

I have been a terrible blogger and not posted anything in agers, however… This month I booked to have my semi-permanent eyebrows done again and remembered that a lot of people asked for me to write a blog about it. The first time I had them done was about 3 years ago now and was a bit of a mad rush as I was desperate to have them done as quickly as possible after alopecia stole my eyebrows. However, this time I am much more confident and 100% happy in Donna’s hands so I am bringing you along for the trip. 

I found Donna online the first time I was looking at semi-permanent make-up and instantly her portfolio stood out from the crowd, she had been tattooing for many years and was really passionate about tattooing and other semi-permenant procedures. She explained everything to me and gave me about 100 chances to back out if that’s what I needed which made me feel even more confident. When we (my boyfriend and I) arrived at the studio we loved having a look round and a coffee whilst I had a skin test. Her portfolio was full of medical tattooing she had done including, brows, lips, nipples and even a cleft lip reconstruction – which was AMAZING! 

This time I was so ready, I had spent a good few hours on pinterest choosing the perfect eyebrows and looked through my own pictures to select the ones where I felt my eyebrows looked particularly good. I decided on a ‘soft high arch’ as pinterest would call it. 

Donna was amazing as always, and slightly talked me out of the dramatic brows I had chosen and we came up with a softer version of what I liked leaving potential for more aggressive brows when I fill them in with pencil. I also asked for ‘hair stroke brows’ which means they are tattooed with individual hairs as opposed to looking like make up. This works perfectly for me as I have hair stroke natural brows for when I don’t want to wear make up and can overdraw them when I want a more dramatic/going out look. 

Donna used some interesting gadgets (see video) to craft me the ‘textbook’ eyebrows. She aligned the fronts of the brows to my tear ducts, the arch to my pupil and the ends with my nose. She drew the ‘textbook’ brows on for me so I could look in the mirror. I made some minor adjustments to make them look more like my usual make up and when we FINALLY agreed (the process of perfect brows cannot be rushed haha) We were ready to start. I felt a little nervous as I remember it beig a little painful for at the start.

For the first 5 minutes I did found the procedure uncomfortable and it made my eyes water like mad, but once the skin had been broken and Donna had got started this faded away and I actually almost fell asleep (as you can see in the video)! The finished brows do look VERY dark and this is something that happens to everyone but they do settle within a few days – if I’m honest I quite like the dark look, I will be teaming my temporary power brows with some dark and ombre wigs to make the most of the colour.  

Donna gave me some barrier cream to apply every 2-3 days to help the tattoos from scabbing and helps them heal faster. 

So here is my before and after: (please excuse the spot right in the middle of my eyebrows, sods law just before an eyebrow post!) 

As you can see the new brown are rather dark, but this is meant to fade by 30-50% and I will keep you informed with the progress. I know I don't look very charming on the photos but I wanted them to be as raw and real as possible to show you truly what they look like. 

Overall: I would recommend Donna which I’m sure a lot of people already know as I have already directed a few fellow alopecians her way and they are all so happy with her work. I’m not going to lie, was a little bit 'scratchy' for a few minutes but it is a needle scratching the skin so – what can you expect! 

I felt 100% confident with Donna and she really is professional and passionate about what she does, I could tell that she genuinely wanted me to be happy with the finished product and she never made me feel rushed or pressured into anything. 

They look amazing, I absolutely love them and do not have a single regret, from a distance they look like natural normal brows – just tidier! I have to admit I will be pleased when they fade a little but the shape is just perfect and I feel like 'ME' again. 

If anyone wants to get in touch with me or wants more information about anything in this blog/video send me a message! 

Katie <3 

(to follow my progress and for more recent pictures follow me on instagram @zellarosewigs).